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Absolutely! When it comes to selling your house fast, the condition of your home will not affect whether or not we will buy. We have purchased homes throughout the United States that were in the worst conditions imaginable. We work directly with dozens of home remodeling companies so the repairs will always be taken care of. Worse case scenario would be that our team will have to conduct a full home redesign and remodel if the condition of your home is too severe. Thinking about selling your home fast? Give us a call today to schedule a home walk-through with a free, no-obligation offer. 

There are hundreds of reasons as to why a home owner would have to sell their home. We buy homes from people throughout the United States that don’t want to deal with realtor fees, closing costs, home repairs and other expenses that come with the typical sales transaction of your home. With us, you’ll receive a fair, hassle-free sale without having to wait months in anticipation of the home buyer qualifies and closing escrow. We will buy your home as-is for cash!

No, fortunately for you we are not real estate agents. When you are selling your home with a licensed real estate agent, you instantly give us a percentage of the transaction of the sale of your home straight to the agent assisting you. We are regular people just like yourself that invest in local real estate properties. Instead of dealing with a bank to finance the purchase, we are the bank! 

National Cash Sales serves the entire Southern California area. 

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Selling your home is not an easy process, specifically when you need to sell your home fast. If you are in a hurry like most homeowners that frequently ask us questions, then chances are you are already thinking about the small time frame that you have to sell your home. If you are thinking about your family or living situation and how can you provide a safe and better living situation for them and yourself then we can help you! We can give you and your family the life that they deserve to have.

Although this is your goal, things will get in the way like how long it may take to sell your home with an agent or selling your house before foreclosure. Mortgage payments can also get in the way if you are late or struggling with the mortgage. Other various reasons include; bad tenets, repairs or even upkeep on your home that may be damaged. We can take care of this for you and give you an offer for your home without ANY repairs.

You may be wondering, whats the difference between “Selling my house fast” with National Cash Offer and “Selling with an Agent“?

Well we have the answer for you: typically the average person will pay 6% on commission fees, 2% on closing costs, 15% on inspections fees, 10% on repairs, PLUS the average number of days that it takes to sell your home with a real estate agent. Typically it takes up 91 days to be sold. However, selling your house fast with us you won’t have to worry about the following; NO Commission Fees, NO Closing Cost, NO Inspection Fees, NO Repair Fees, Immediate Cash Offer, and you can Choose Move Out Day.

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I had inherited a home from a relative in 2016, but never had enough money to pay for the upgrades and remodeling that was needed in order to sell. Earlier this year I found myself in a financial bind due to unforeseen circumstances so I partnered up with National Cash Sales and they closed escrow in 9 days to be exact. I doubt I'll be needing their services again, but if I ever do, I know who to call. Highly recommend!

Adam Smith

Needed to sell my house last year after some unexpected circumstances. My family was 6 months behind on our house mortgage and we were coming close to losing our home and everything we owned. Words can't express how appreciative and grateful I am towards the National Cash Sales. They helped myself and my family out when no one else was willing to do so. Expect personal referrals coming from me until I leave this beautiful earth! If you're looking for a reputable and friendly company that won't take advantage of your situation, give them a call today.

Jenna Marquez

Very professional and cooperative company that was well versed in this type of transaction. They purchased my rental property in Redlands and closed in two weeks with a remote closing as I did not live in Las Vegas. The entire transaction went very smoothly. I would certainly give them a very good recommendation as they did everything they said they would do and the transaction was completed to my complete satisfaction!

Johnny Wall





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